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BIG HIRING PUSH: Automaker begins big hiring push [#MazdaToyota #MazdaToyotaManufacturing]


BIG HIRING PUSH: Automaker begins big hiring push [#MazdaToyota #MazdaToyotaManufacturing]

Mazda Toyota Manufacturing is launching a hiring spree that will result in thousands of new employees.

Mazda Toyota Manufacturing plans to hire more than 3,000 production team members to support its $1.6 billion auto assembly plant in Huntsville.

In total, the plant will have roughly 4,000 employees when fully operational.

It will also add to the critical mass of auto assembly plants in Alabama, leaving Birmingham surrounded on all sides by automakers – a move experts say could result in additional growth in supplier jobs

The starting wage for the full-time, direct-hire, benefit-eligible positions are $17 an hour with the opportunity for up to $23 an hour plus shift premium pay.

Mazda Toyota Manufacturing will have an online event Dec. 3 to offer information on hiring for its production line in partnership with AIDT, and applications will start being processed Dec. 7.

Hiring for production team members will pause and resume based on the volume of applications received in phases between now and 2022.

Automaker begins big hiring push in Alabama:
Birmingham Business Journal

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